About Us

This blog is run by Tracie and Liz (aka Lizzy the Lazy Cook). Both of us are coping with food allergies, food sensitivities and intolerance to a variety of things, such as gluten. Some of our food difficulties overlap (such as gluten), and others don’t (Liz doesn’t have to worry about IC). Like many other difficulties in life, a supportive friend can make all the difference in the world, and we’ve been helping each other cope with food issues and other life stressors. We think it would be helpful for us to share about what is (and isn’t) working for us with other folks. If any readers have ideas or suggestions, please don’t be shy about sharing them!


Late last year, I was diagnosed with interstitial cystitis (IC). Already eating a restricted diet (no gluten, no dairy), I was not looking forward to additional food restrictions, such as no tomatoes, vinegar, chocolate, or citrus. However, physical pain motivated me to do the elimination diet so I could figure out my IC triggers. Actually, I’m still in the process of figuring them all out.

Going to the store and eating out has been an adventure. To some this may sound dramatic, but there are times at the grocery store where I’m ready to either start throwing food or dissolve into a puddle of tears. Fortunately, my partner is very low maintenance. She would happily exist on a diet of potatoes and eggs. As a matter of fact, her food world expanded after meeting me, even though I feel my food world has been severely restricted.

This blog came about after many hours of crabbing about limited food choices at different restaurants. My partner suggested I start a blog reviewing restaurants and posting recipes we found especially yummy. Keep in mind, I’m not a nutritionist or doctor, nor am I some fabulous chef or super knowledgeable food critic.  This blog is meant to help other folks who are trying to find a good place to eat out, or find some recipes that make their life a bit easier.

In terms of the IC diet, everyone has different triggers, so what works for me may not work for everyone who has IC. If you don’t find something you’re looking for here on my site, check out the other sites I’ve linked to here because they may be more help to you.


I have had food sensitivity problems since I was very young. I never understood why I would fill sick after eating, and attributed it to something being wrong with what I ate or stress. Over the last several years, I’ve been diagnosed with a mango allergy, as well as gluten and casein intolerances.  When I was diagnosed it was a relief and helped me not feel crazy anymore. Yet, it also added a burden to every day life that I am learning to deal with. I am trying to focus on what it has given me, which is a healthier way of life, rather than focusing on what I can’t have. I hope you find some of the recipes and tips we post helpful!


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