Adobo Grill-Indianaoplis

Eating out brings a lot of anxiety and uncertainty given my food sensitivities and allergies. I’ve found that some waitstaff are more knowledgable than others. Those who lack knowledge make me nervous. Those who are willing to ask folks in the kitchen more questions always make me feel a bit more relaxed.

We were in Indy visiting family and wanted to a date night out. We searched for different places that had gluten free menu options. After some deliberating, we chose a Mexican place, the Adobo Grill. Perhaps we were missing home after being in the Midwest for nearly two weeks.

2015-07-16 19.26.46When we entered the restaurant we were promptly greeted and I asked about a gluten free menu. Instead of a look of confusions, extended time searching for a menu, the host happily provided us one and seated us. Our waitress arrived at our table soon after. I explained some my food restrictions, and we ordered drinks and some guacamole (mixed table side, so I was able to choose what they put in). When the waitress came back to take our order, she told me she had checked with the the kitchen and identified the times on the menu that I could eat. She also reminded me not to eat any of my partner’s meal as it had ingredients that I could not have. All of this was conveyed with warmth and kindness, making me feel like I wasn’t a nuisance to be dealt with.

2015-07-16 19.27.00I had salmon, and it was really tasty. Eli had enchiladas, which she really enjoyed. The guacamole was really tasty and fresh. Overall, it was a really tasty meal.

The service was the most outstanding aspect of the evening, through. Being treated with such warmth and care went a long way toward me feeling relaxed and enjoying my meal. The folks at this restaurant are nice people who really care about their customers. I will certainly visit them again the next time I am in Indy.


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