A banana and two eggs walked into a bar…

I found a recipe through Facebook for this super simple recipe. You guessed it… All you need is one banana and two eggs. Mash the banana until smooth then mix in two eggs. Then cook them as you would pancakes. I have tried this recipe a couple of times. Both time they were really good. Once I added in an extra half a banana to thicken it up and this time I added a little bit of baking flour. Both turned out to have the same consistency. I think this recipe is one you can play around with to get it just right for you. I added frangelico the first time and it was great. I imagine vanilla being the same. They are naturally sweet and no syrup is required. That is a lot coming from me because I like sweet! If you are like me and tend to eat mono-meals this is great for a healthy quick breakfast or snack and takes very little effort and time. It would also be great as a side at brunch.

So what happened when a banana and two eggs walked into a bar? I don’t know…

Liz the lazy, not as funny as she thinks, cook


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