Who Moved My Cheese?

Who moved my cheese? is a great book about change, fear, and acceptance. In my case, it is figurative and literal. I love cheese but cheese does not love me. It has been a life long, unhealthy relationship. Initially, after finding out that I cannot have casein my love for cheese grew stronger. Over time I learned to live without cheese. But there are times that most of us with food restrictions go through when all we want is to eat ‘cheese’. I found myself this week eating a lot of cheese. My self pity overrides my common sense (and, frankly, my concern over others’ discomfort around me at these times) and I refuse to change. Accepting change is hard. Maintaining it can be just as hard.

Who moved my cheese? points out that we need to alter our behaviors in order to let go of fear and embrace change in order to survive. If we don’t chaos ensues and our well-being is threatened. So someone moved my cheese. So what? We all need to ask ourselves is it about the cheese or is it about being told I can’t have the cheese.  Why fear change? Use the maze you were put in and focus on the positive.

Movement in new direction helps find new ‘cheese’. Life moves on and so should we.

~from Who moved my Cheese?

Liz the lazy, cheese eating – cheating, cook


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