Meatball Madness!

Yesterday we tried another recipe from the Confident Choices cookbook. This time it was Swedish meatballs, and this resulted in Meatball Madness! The recipe called for a pound and a half of ground beef and a half a pound of ground turkey. Instead I used a pound of ground pork and a pound of ground turkey, because that was all they had at the store when I went.  Since I can’t have gluten and never seem to see gluten-free bread crumbs anywhere, I chopped up some Udi’s bread for the bread crumbs. It also calls for the bread crumbs to be soaked in milk, and since I don’t do much dairy beyond butter, I used almond milk instead. Seemed to work just as well.


I started the meatballs while my partner was at the store picking up some bananas (we’re always running out of bananas). As I made it, I noticed that there was way too much moisture to hold the meatballs together, so I asked my partner to get another pound of ground meat, which she did. When I added it, it was still impossible to make a meatball with it. So I sent her back to the store for an additional pound of ground beef. Since she is a pretty smart cookie, she bought two pounds, just in case. I didn’t think we would need all of it, but I was wrong.

Yes, five pounds of meat for our meatballs. That’s a whole lotta meat. I worried that they might not taste so great, since the recipe wasn’t going according to plan. I was wrong. The meatballs were super yummy and since we had so many, we decided to share them with friends.

We’ll certainly make this recipe again, but will definitely alter the amount of moisture called for in the recipe.



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