Gourmet Girls

I love visiting Tucson, it’s one of my favorite cities. They have lots of good restaurant choices, good music, and beautiful mountains.

One of the best restaurants I’ve visited that caters to folks who follow a gluten-free diet is in Tucson. Gourmet Girls is a cute little bistro and bakery that serves up some super yummy food. I’ve had breakfast and lunch there, and also bought several bakery items. Everything there is good, and I mean everything. Cinnamon rolls, super yummy. Brownies, super yummy. Sandwiches, super yummy. Breakfast, super yummy. Everything I’ve ever had is really good. Not just good for gluten-free kind of good–really, really good.

Prior to being diagnosed with IC, I tried their pulled pork BBQ sandwich, and I highly recommend it if you are someone who can eat BBQ. It’s not super sweet, not super savory, just a perfect balance of both. The focaccia roll was also wonderful as well. The last time I went was post-IC diagnosis, and had waffles for breakfast, and really enjoyed them as well. My favorite bakery item from there are the cinnamon rolls, and I brought some back for a friend who also follows a gluten-free diet, who also enjoyed them.

One more thing I want to mention is that the staff there is always friendly and open to answering any questions about the food. They are always positive and in a great mood, which makes it a great place to visit for a meal.


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