Zinc Wine Bar and Bistro

My partner, Eli, and I decided we wanted to head out to a nice place for dinner while we were in ABQ. I checked out some web sites and found several places that indicated they were friendly to folks needing gluten-free options, then I went through and looked at menus that had more options that were IC-friendly. Zinc Wine Bar and Bistro was the one we ultimately decided on.

The restaurant is lovely. Very warm and inviting, and the staff were very knowledgeable about gluten-free options. I had some wine that evening and they have a very extensive wine list, which I loved. We shared an appetizer of ahi-tuna, and I just made sure I didn’t have any soy sauce on my portions. It was really delicious. When I reviewed the menu, I picked a few entrees I was interested in, and the waiter advised me on what I could order gluten free. I selected the lamb. When our food arrived, the waiter made a point of telling me not to have any of my partner’s food, since it was “full of gluten”, which I really appreciated. My lamb was really tasty and I was very happy with it. Eli had steak, with buttermilk mashed potatoes and fried onions. She loved it. She also had a mojito that made her very, very happy. The only disappointment was that there was only one gluten free dessert option, which I could not have due to the fruit used.

All in all, it was a great dinner out. Yeah, I would have loved dessert, but I was far happier to have had a waiter who was aware of the menu options that I could and could not have. I’ll definitely be back next time we go to ABQ.


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