Diablo Burger

I’ve always loved visiting Tucson. I lived in Phoenix for about three years and never really felt much of a connection to that city. Phoenix seems to fight the desert, where I’ve found that Tucson is happy to co-exist with it. The mountains in Tucson are magical to me and I always feel this pull toward them when I visit. I also like all the funky shops, restaurants, and neighborhoods there.

On my last visit to Tucson, Eli and I went to Diablo Burger. It’s a trendy little burger joint across from Hotel Congress. The place has great atmosphere and community seating. They offer a lot of yummy beers and I would have ordered one if I didn’t have to follow a gluten-free diet. While I could not enjoy any beer, I could enjoy a burger since you can order a burger with a gluten free bun (yay!). I also appreciated that everything served is local.  Eli said her burger was the best burger she has ever had. While I think the burgers were excellent, there was one other place I’ve had a better burger, and that was at a place in Iowa City. I at there before I went gluten-free, and I can’t recall the name of it nor do I know if that place offers gluten-free options. So at this point, I have to say that Diablo Burger is the BEST place to go for burgers, both gluten free and non-gluten free. Next time you’re in Tucson, check this place out.


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