Gourmet Gluten Free

As we were driving into ABQ, it was about an hour or so past lunch time and we were hungry. One of the choices that popped up on the FindMeGlutenFree app was Gourmet Gluten Free. The reviews made it sound really promising, so we stopped for lunch.

Since soy is a trigger for my IC, I inquired about the kinds of flour used in their breads and if any soy was included. They told me soy was in the butter they used for all their breads. The gal at the counter thought for a moment, and then said the flat bread didn’t have any soy. I looked at the menu, and there was a lot of items included in sandwiches and salads that I could not have, so I went with what seemed the least triggering to my IC. I got a turkey sandwich, and asked them to take off the tomato. My partner, who is the least high maintenance person ever, ordered the Cobb salad.

I was pretty disappointed with the flat bread. It was not really flavorful and the sandwich itself was boring…although this probably had more to do with what I asked to leave off. It probably would have been more yummy with tomato on it and with a different type of bread. My partner’s salad was mostly good, but had way too much blue cheese on it. She said it overwhelmed the entire salad.

I’m sure most of their stuff is pretty good, but it’s disappointing that a place that caters to a gluten-free crowd is using butter that has soy in it, since so many folks are allergic to soy products. Also, while the staff was not unfriendly and they were helpful in terms of offering other choices, they weren’t super warm. Overall, I was not impressed and will not be back.


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