Confident choices cookbook

Last week I ordered the Confident Choices cookbook, and am really happy I decided to purchase it. You can purchase it through the Confident Choices web site, and I think through Amazon. Julie Beyer, a registered dietitian runs the Confident Choices web site and she also wrote the cookbook. I’m really grateful that she did.

Tonight we tried our first few recipes from it and were quite pleased with the results. We made the rosemary salmon, and the red, white, and blue salad w/ the blueberry salad dressing. Since I don’t do dairy, I did not have feta on my salad. Eli tells me it was quite tasty with the feta. I think it was quite tasty without it, although I do admit I was tempted to snag some of the feta, but opted not to since it was made with goat cheese. Goat cheese and I are not friends. I love it, but it doesn’t like me very much. Anyway, food pictures!

redwhitebluesalad rosemary chicken

I’m quite happy with how these first recipes turned out and hope that I continue to have success with this cookbook! I’ve been feeling kind of depressed about food lately, and this is really helping me feel a bit less so.


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