Cafe Lush

Location: Albuquerque, NM

Rating: Six out of six yummies

After spending the morning at the ABQ BioPark, my partner and I were pretty hungry for lunch. We fired up the FindMeGlutenFree app and the closest place listed was Cafe Lush. We had spent the morning wandering through the beautiful botanical gardens and the underwhelming aquarium, and we were really hungry. I was planning on lunch, but instead chose to have a second breakfast.

As soon as we arrived at Cafe Lush, we were greeted warmly and led to a corner table. When the waitress came by to ask about our drinks, I inquired about gluten free options. She showed me several on the menu and happily answered my questions about food. She suggested I try the raspberry hibiscus iced tea, which I did. I did not have a reaction to it, but can’t say that it would be good for most folks with IC, though. I ordered the french toast, which was made with gluten-free bread. It had apples and currants, something I can only have in small quantities, but I was willing to be adventurous since we were on a mini-vacation. After my food arrived, I was very happy with that decision because it was super yummy. Sort of like bread pudding. My partner ordered an omelet, with all sorts of yummy veggies and cheese. She was quite happy with her meal, as well.

The bottom line: yummy food, friendly staff who are willing to answer questions, and a cozy little cafe. Next time I’m in ABQ, I’ll definitely be going back there.


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